It can happen sometimes, that you get more than what you bargained for. Well, actually, I didn’t do any bargain, but, yeah,  I luckily got  more than what I had paid for. And the additional that I got, was priceless.

So Pravesh and I were watching “Dostana“. The movie was at the crucial (?) point where Abhishek Bacchan was trying to explain to their landlady that he and John were gay.

So he started off (the following dialogue is just an approximation of what’s actually said. I am not so good at memorizing things word-to-word)

Abhishek: Yeh mera khaas dost hai.
Landlady: To? Dost hai to kya hua?
Abhishek: Nahin, ye mera ‘khaas’ dost hai.

And the conversation went on with Abhishek trying various permutations and combinations. When none of them seemed to be working, John got irritated and said…

J: Hum Gay Hain!!

Of course, I was laughing along, coz it was a bit unexpected, at least for me, and yeah, funny. But I was never ready for what was coming next.

A small girl (I guess her age to be about 4-7 years) sitting behind me asked her mom,

“Mummy gay kya hota hai?”

Her mom just shushed her, but she didn’t stop… I must say that she wanted to know real bad.

“Batao na! Gay kya hota hai?”

I could see her mom trying desperately to get the kid to shut up. But she didn’t. She started screaming at the top of her voice,


and for a moment the entire crowd was looking towards her. Oh God! I laughed so hard, and that was probably the most funny moment in the whole film. I can’t imagine how embarrassing her mother must’ve found it.

Anyways, it got me to think on various issues,  but they’re too serious to put down here (at least with the genre of this post), so I’ll save a bit of space.

P.S. –> Recounting it all on this blog is not doing full justice with it.
You had to be there. It was so hillarious!