Before starting this, let me clear one thing that I’m not a big Shashi Tharoor fan. But, I follow him on Twitter and hence, I was one of those, who were obliged (?) to get the comments from the source itself. At that time, I hadn’t thought that tweet would make such a row.

I’ve read occasional bits of his writing, which is good. The excerpts from “The Elephant, The Tiger and The Cellphone” (it is a book authored by Tharoor, for those of you not knowing it) that were published in newspapers showcase a person who is trying to portray an accurate image of India to the west in a very elementary way (in that book at least). Basically, his writings are sort of a Dummies Guide to India.

And in this latest tweet and the news on it, my head hurts. I feel like an alien organism was gestating inside me and is now trying to emerge from my cranium.