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People who spend maximum of their internet time on social networking sites are the ones who are destroying it the most. A person who creates his first profile at orkut (or any other Social Networking site) keeps it very clean, and types his profile info and scraps very clearly. Then he spends some time there, sees the profile of their friends, and destroys his language, and the simplicity of the profile.

The first thing – I’m yet to understand the reason behind people constantly changing their Profile names to crappy quotes or annoying self-proclaimed titles such as “lost ma mobile phone” “life looks better now” “i puked yesterday” (Lotpot) or “beauty lies in your attitude” (and those are the First name + Last name). I mean, how the hell someone is going to find them by search utility? For one more reason, how am I supposed to know that the one listed as ‘just special, and is not weird‘ in my friend list is actually “Sophia” when I need to scrap her. People should use the status display to write all this. Changing their name like this actually defeats the purpose of social networking.

Second – the language – The next thing that annoys me most about these Social networks is that people write in a language like

hiiiiiiiii ………………
vveeerrrryyyyy sssssswwweeeeettt
U mst do tis by urself

This looks insane to me. The morons who are obsessed with typing too many i’s and e’s must lower the repeat rate off their Keyboard strokes (Go to Control Panel > Keyboard > Repeat Delay and set it to short). For those who  ignore the red underlines thrown by your spell-checker,  while SMS’ing, you have limited characters, so this may sound OK. But, using this on internet? Don’t you people own a QWERTY keyboard or what? It looks like one of them writes like this because he doesn’t know to write proper English. And then everyone thinks that cool and adopt it.  According to me, that sucks. What is the whole point in writing like that? I feel like an ass deciphering the encrypted scraps and tweets I receive.

Thirdly, the mentality of managing two or more accounts – This is also an issue which beats the whole concept of social networking. How many males I have seen, who have at least one duplicate account, which they run with a fake Female name, use a display pic of a nice looking girl (leached from the WWW, obviously), and have a status which more or less signifies “Boys not allowed” Then they send out requests to girls and chat with them. These losers must get a life. How can they ever believe that they can search for a “love” online? In a country like India, forget about a date with a sweet girl, even a hooker won’t contact you through a social networking site.

With these and some more points (on which, I’ll rant about in later posts), the social networking sites have become a pain for me. My orkut and Facebook accounts, which I used to visit regularly in old days (literally speaking, I had them permanently open in tabs with auto-refresh enabled on the tabs), have now become the least significant place to update me about the issues. I hardly visit them once in a day. How badly I wish that the creators of these sites can come up with some !deas to clean up the mess, and we could relish them in the way we did in the days of their golden glory..