Welcome to Google Buzz

Our very own King Google brings in one more fabulous service. Recently, the Gmail account holders must have come across the new social-media service by Google – Google Buzz. I’m here to share my thoughts about it, and later in the post, I’ll be telling some ways to customize it and use it. I’ll also share a trick, which can help you to opt-out from the email updates of buzz, which may have started to clutter-up your inbox.

According to my belief, Google Buzz is is ready to set benchmark in terms of Social Media Marketing. I bet that Google is trying to incorporate a large number of people for Google Buzz. It has already taken a giant leap by inviting the existing Gmail users as part of the Buzz Community, which is a very good start for them. It is better than other social media in a way that it is backed by G-power such as Picassa for photo uploads, Youtube for videos, and what more..

Google introduces "Google Buzz" - A social media service

There is already a debate sparked between the various webmasters about comparing Buzz Vs Twitter. According to me, it is too fast to reach to a conclusion now, but after 6 months or so, the picture would be clearer. Previously, when Google launched (Gmail + GoogleTalk), people were skeptic about it being able to compete with other services, chiefly (Yahoo Mail + messenger). Today, Gmail has overpowered Yahoo mail and Google Talk is used more than Y! messenger now.

Now, here are some of the features I would want to share:

  1. Formatting Text in Google Buzz

    This is usually known to most out there, it’s the same as that in GoogleTalk:

    • Wrap text in asterisks for bold text (*Vinay* becomes Vinay).
    • Wrap text in underscores for italics (_Vinay_ becomes Vinay).
    • Wrap text in hyphens for strike-through (-Politics- becomes Politics).
  2. Permalink to a specific Buzz Post

    How to get permalinks of a post on Buzz

    Every post you make on Buzz has it’s own, unique web-page. You can go to that page by clicking on the small arrow on the right side of the post, and selecting “Link to this post” You can share this link anywhere, for example – IM, emails, linking back through another page, etc. Here is a permalink to a one of my buzzes made yesterday.

  3. @ Replies on Buzz

    Sending @ replies on Buzz

    Are you bored of sending emails, or consider it too-old fashioned? Then you can think of buzzing with twitter-style @ replies. You can start a buzz with an @ sign, and a drop-down menu comes to auto-complete it for you, choosing from your contacts. The Buzzes you send out will appear on their time-lines (they must have Buzz enabled).

  4. Get rid of Buzz updates cluttering your Inbox

    Like me, most of you must be annoyed of emails from Google Buzz. When anyone comments something on one of your Buzz posts, an email lands in your Gmail inbox. If you want to turn-off these emails, but you still want to use buzz, then try out the following steps:

    Gmail Filter settings to avoid Buzz Emails

    • Go to Gmail Settings and click on “Filters
    • Create a new Filter (by clicking the link).
    • Check for a field named “Has the words
    • Enter “label:buzz” there (without quotes)
    • Click Next. Ignore the warning that will appear.
    • Make “Skip the inbox” as the choice for filter action and save the filter.