It is a pretty happy day for me today, or to be precise, happy day for the budding webmaster that resides in me. The credit of this happiness goes to the company with it’s HQ in Mountain View, California — i.e. Google.

The reason behind this is the recent PageRank (PR in short)update by Google. My twitter profile acquired a PageRank of 4 (on a 10 point scale), in the PageRank update of 30th October 2009. This time, the PR update came amidst a lot of  conjectures on various webmaster discussion forums that the PR system is discontinued by Google.

Vinay Swastik's Twitter profile gets a Google PageRank-4

Vinay Swastik's Twitter profile gets a Google PageRank-4

I hope that this blog of mine would also get a PR in the next update. It has been 15 days only since I registered the domain, so I wasn’t expecting PR so early on this domain.

What is PageRank?

There is a ranking system used by Google to rank the web pages based on their relative popularity on web. This is known as PageRank. This was originally started as a project at Stanford University. Google acquired it as trademark in 2005, though the patent still resides with Stanford.

According to the definition given by Stanford -

PageRank is a link analysis algorithm that assigns a numerical weighting (on a 10 or 100 point scale) to each element of a hyperlinked set of documents (or simply, a web page) , such as the World Wide Web, with the purpose of “measuring” its relative importance within the set.

In PageRank, more the number better is the rank, e.g. PageRank 8/10 is better than PageRank 2/10

The actual calculations of PR system are pretty complex (couldn’t have expected any better by Stanford) and can be found on Wikipedia.

The homepage of stands at PR-10, Official website of Indian Government also holds PR-10, twitter homepage has been assigned as PR-9. The popularity of a web page is reflected in it’s PageRank.

Hopefully, I’ll continue to improve my PageRank and keep on climbing to higher PR.